Longbow Woods

Hundreds of woods can be used in the production of laminated longbows, some better suited than others.

Laminated construction gives longbows superior properties and archers the opportunity to own a unique bow by carefully selecting the woods for each laminate.

They can be chosen for their technical properties such as strength, toughness, durability and consistency as well as their natural beauty in grain and colour.

Woods of contrasting colour can produce a bow with truly stunning appearance, with the variety of woods available and the opportunity to add a secondary core wood and/or accent strips to the construction I can provide archers with a custom made longbow.

Archers preferring their longbows to have the appearance of a self bow (made from a single wood) with the technically superior properties of individual woods in a laminated construction can select woods with complementing colours.

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Yew Putu Jumu Purpleheart Pau Amerillo Padauk Osage Orange Maple Lemonwood Hickory Goncolo Alves Cherry Bamboo

Longbow Woods
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