Custom Made Longbows

3rd June 2016: I am no longer accepting new custom bow orders.

For the forseeable future rather than producing custom bows to order I will be focussing on building stock bows.

It may be some time until the first bows are completed but if you would like to be notified when they are made available for sale on the site, or when I start accepting custom bow orders again, please complete the signup form here.

I produce a range of laminated wood longbows in the traditional English D style, ideal for target or field archers and medieval re-enactors.

Bows can be produced to your specified draw weight, draw length and overall length using a wide variety of traditional and exotic woods in 3, 4 or 5 laminate structure, with a selection of nocks, handles and strings.

My custom bow designer allows you to enter your desired specification, preview the bow, get an instant quote and submit your order.

Price Examples

For example, a typical longbow specification e.g. 71"nominal length, 45lbs @ 28" draw weight, tillered to 30"max with a spiral bound leather handle, standard black buffalo horn nocks and 16 strand dacron B-50 double loop endless string:

Lemonwood (Degame) belly, tapered Purpleheart core and American Hardrock Maple back - £220

Yew belly with a tapered Pau Amerillo core and American Hardrock Maple back - £388

Putu Jumu belly, tapered Purpleheart first core, tapered Padauk second core and Pignut Hickory back - £351

Osage Orange belly with a tapered Purpleheart core and Bamboo back - £402

Of course many other combinations are available, please use the custom longbow designer to select the specification you require and see a price or simply contact me with your requirements to receive a quote.