Care of Your Longbow

Your longbow is handcrafted using selected woods from around the world, even bows made from the same planks of timber can never be identical, each bow is unique.

Your bow has been laminated with waterproof glues or resins and finished with several rubbed coats of Danish oil to keep out moisture.

Keep your bow in a cool stable environment, preferable not in a centrally heated house area, avoiding extremes of cold or heat (e.g. a loft). A spare bedroom with the radiator off is ideal, a dry garage would also be reasonable place.

Your bow is best kept flat, back down, or hung vertically with string or elastic bands around one end, make sure nothing can push on it that may cause distortion.

If your bow becomes scuffed or soiled, soft furniture wax (without silicone) or Danish oil can be rubbed on with a soft cloth to maintain its finish and help repel moisture.

Any scratches, dents or nicks should be immediately treated with Danish oil. Preferably seek advice from a bowyer as these could eventually lead to weakness and breakage.

Although frowned on by some, when your bow has been relaxed at room temperature for two to three hours placing your bow on a flat carpeted floor, belly down with a small weight over its handle for a few hours will help to minimise string follow. Do remember bows with a slight string follow tend to shoot more consistently and accurately.

Never flex or bend the bows limbs in reverse, this will lead to breakage.

String care

The string should be waxed with beeswax or a proprietary string wax. Examine your string regularly, looking for signs of damage or wear if found seek advice or replace. Remember, if a string breaks it is likely to shatter your bow. During periods of inactivity the bow is best unstrung.

Use of your longbow...